Before I begin my ‘formal’ blogging..

Although the meta tags and the description slot does the trick in providing descriptions about blogs, I just feel they’re not enough to discuss why I started this particular blog and what it’s about. The answer to the first question is pretty simple:  I love writing ! I do that pretty often, whether it’s my diary or some clinical notes I’m writing up for use during my exams. No matter what the type of document it is, writing just helps me get a better hold on my thoughts and organize them well. Secondly, I’m currently a medical student (and informally will always be one since learning is a life-long process for doctors) and simply adore medicine. So I thought of combining both my passions and turning it into a blog. I don’t know much about blogging yet but since I’ve been writing as a freelance writer for a while, I guess I know a thing or two.

Now, why this particular blog? Well, the thing is, I always feel there’s something missing in all the textbooks I’ve read. I read Physiology from Guyton & Hall and I didn’t particularly admire it. I switched to Ganong instead and found it did have a better clinical coverage. However, even that wasn’t enough. I felt there had to be more coverage of pathophysiology under every single topic. When I didn’t find much of that, I resorted to looking for it myself, moving from one book to another. It’s all written somewhere – the problem is that no one has aggregated it yet. I do have dreams of writing a similar book some day but right now, a blog is the most I can manage. Simply said, I’m going to share whatever I find out regarding clinical medicine and not just bookish stuff. We all have our boring textbooks, what we need is an interactive way to digest them all. Another thing I want to mention here is that this blog can be used by those who are not concerned with medicine. Whether you’re a patient or just a curious brain (like me), this blog might have the answers for you. Feel free to suggest any topic you want me to post on or any queries you might have! 


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