Symptoms of Oesophageal Disease

Photo by Olek Remesz via Wikimedia Commons

Unlike the liver, the Oesophagus doesn’t have an unending list of associated symptoms since it’s not the centre of any crucial metabolic processes, etc. It’s got a handful of symptoms that you need to remember when considering its diseases. Adding them up or removing a few from the equation will help you solve the case and get to the diagnosis provided that you have the differentials in mind when it comes to the history and investigations. Below is a list of all the possible symptoms that a patient with a possible oesophageal disease can present with [the anatomical basics of the Oesophagus and the differential diagnoses of the various diseases associated with each of the symptoms mentioned below will be covered in the posts that follow, so hang in there! This list is just the beginning 🙂 ]

1.Chest pain



4.Difficulty breathing

5.Cough (with or without an association with food intake)


7.Upper Abdominal pain/Epigastric pain

8. Abdominal distention (with or without gaurding/abdominal pain)






14.Glossitis+Koilonychia+Angular Stomatits

15.Weight Loss


17.Hoarseness+painful neck movements+air under the skin in the neck region


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