Symptoms of Liver disease

Anatomy of the biliary tree, liver and gall bl...
Anatomy of the biliary tree, liver and gall bladder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The liver is the most important organ of the body when it comes to metabolism. Any disease of the liver can produce a myriad of symptoms. Let’s break it down to the symptoms first [the next post will deal with why the liver causes those particular signs/symptoms/lab results, so don’t get all bored with this list just yet 😉 ]

1)      Jaundice (elevated conjugated/unconjugated bilirubin

2)      Ascites

3)      Fever

4)      Manifestations of bleeding disorders

5)      Cyanosis

6)      Hyper-dynamic circulation, increased pulse pressure

7)      Flapping tremor, cogwheel rigidity.

8)      Itching

9)      Bleeding from the anus/rectum,Haematemesis, spider naevi : portosystemic shunts, capillary dilation

10)   Upper abdominal pain/pain in the right quadrant

11)   Elevated ALT/AST/GGT/Alkaline Phosptase, altered clotting profile

12)   Weight loss

13)   Vomiting

14)   Altered sensorium/coma

15)   Abdominal guarding

16)   Swelling or mass in the area of the liver/hepatomegaly

17)   Splenomegaly

18)   Signs of cardiac failure

19)   Anemia

20)   Edema

21)   Dyspnea

22)   Bone pain

23)   Shock

24)   Dupuytren’s contracture

25)   Palmar erythema


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